About Annie

Hi I’m Annie, the face behind Artgems jewellery.

I established Artgems in 1995 soon after leaving college, with the desire to set up my own company creating individual ranges of jewellery that were not only beautifully made but designed with a modern and unusual twist. For me jewellery should not only be aesthetically striking and comfortable to wear but could also be a statement about yourself, a memento of an occasion, a tribute to a particular person, a shout out of a sentiment or just a glorious self indulgence! What ever your reason to purchase that piece it is founded on a basic and essential need. Purchasing a piece of Artgems jewellery can fulfil all the above. You can choose either from my set ranges in the shop or commission a bespoke piece tailored expressly for you. Please look at my bespoke commissioned page to enquire about working directly with me on an individual item or maybe you would like a slight twist to an existing piece from my range?

So where do my design ideas spring from? Well, I have an everlasting fasciation for all structures and shapes found in marine life and geology stemming from family beach holidays way back when I was little, to being a student visiting my parents up in Scotland along the east coast, to weekends spent on the Suffolk coast with my own daughter when she was a child. I sit now in a workroom slowly encroaching with shelves and print trays full of rocks, shells and sustainably sourced anemones and corals, and I find inspiration in what surrounds me every day.

I love the convex and concave sculptural structures of these forms along with the patterns and textures found on all pebbles and rocks which provide me with an everlasting source of inspiration and design ideas.

My work definitely has a handwriting, a signature that flows through out the designs giving it that unity of style and exacting finish. A distinctiveness that says, ‘this is an Artgems piece of jewellery!’