Creating a New Bespoke Design

Annie creates many bespoke designs for clients, taking you through the process from concept drawings and sketches to the discussion of materials and gemstones to be used. She can create the perfect wedding band or engagement ring or design an individual piece for a special birthday or anniversary.

Remodeling an Existing Piece

Many of us have items of jewellery that sit in a box either because they don’t fit or perhaps they are broken in places and not wearable. Maybe they are not the right style but are just too sentimental to get rid but will sadly never be worn.

To send an enquiry about a commission please contact Annie.

Annie can remodel or redesign an item of jewellery, taking out the stones, reusing the existing gold where possible and transforming a much-neglected piece into a new wearable and more versatile design.

Customizing an Existing Piece

Annie’s designs can be customized to fit your individual preference by creating a bigger statement piece from a simpler design or even choosing one individual element and having it set on it’s own, or perhaps choosing elements from separate pieces and combining them.