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Welcome to the first ASK ANNIE Blog 🥳

Why does my silver Jewellery tarnish so quickly?

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Have you ever been left wondering why your jewellery quickly looses its new luster? 🤔

What are you doing wrong and how can you stop this happening? Well, here are my top 5 tips and tricks that might keep those dazzling gems a little sparklier for longer…

1) Try and avoid swimming in your silver jewellery, chlorine and salt water are a definite no-no and will contribute to extreme tarnishing 👎🌊……yes, I know this is tough on holiday (what holiday recently I hear you say? 😏) but you will thank me for this advice in the future!

2) Never leave your jewellery languishing in the bathroom on the side for days in all that steam and damp air -total disaster !!🙅‍♀️

3) Put your jewellery away if you aren’t wearing it for a few days. Maybe a jewellery roll, a lovely jewellery box or in one of those dead useful anti tarnish bags…. this is quite organised and I would be suitably impressed if you have them!! 😑 (All purchases through ARTGEMS come with these from now on 😇)

4) Try not to store different types of jewellery together, so if you have those pieces of fashion jewellery in copper or brass (we all have a few tucked away)🤫 they will make your silver jewellery tarnish way quicker if they are kept together so try to separate these out. It is generally a good idea to store all jewellery items separately and not let pieces rub and scratch together, also learn the habit of refastening chains when you take a necklace off. Unknotting fine chain is never a fun task!

5) Lastly avoid wearing silver jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets to the gym 🏃‍♀️ (Yes, we all should be shaping up now after lock down -not 😂!! I hear you say) Perspiration isn’t great for silver so best to avoid doing this.💦

If after reading this advice it is all coming a little bit after the event, don’t panic!! In my next blog I will give you sage and helpful tips on how to rescue those treasured pieces whether it be a grungy looking chain, a grey looking pendant or a pair of lack lustre earrings so watch out for the next blog newsletter!!

See you next time.😉  X Annie